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 Red Bull using traction control?

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Petronas Syntium
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The Guvenor!

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PostSubject: Red Bull using traction control?   Thu Jun 20, 2013 6:14 pm

Quote :
A photo has emerged that some believe is evidence Red Bull is using illegal 'traction control' aboard its championship-leading RB9 car.

"Bumps or traction control?" a report by Italy's Autosprint said.

The photo shows Mark Webber's single seater exiting a corner in Canada and leaving rubber marks on the track due to wheel spin.

More here:


I am aware this was covered on Facebook, too.

I find this accusation a bit rash. From one photo, can it really be proven that Red Bull is using traction control? For a major publication to publish that is even worse, it sounds like a Heat magazine conspiracy theory.

There is no doubt that since 2009, the Red Bull has always had exceptional traction. I've always been amazed how early Vettel and Webber and get back to the throttle, that is noticeable.

If Red Bull were using some sort of electronic device that minimised wheel-spin, how would this go unnoticed by the FIA? F1 now uses a standardised ECU and it should be easy to identify any discrepancies. Perhaps there is a loop-hole that allows some sort of wheel-spin controlling mechanism?

When Benetton were alleged to use traction control, but it was difficult to prove anything because all teams used their own bespoke ECU's. This is not the case anymore.

As an example, despite that launch control is now banned - the standing starts almost look like launch control-assisted starts because the start systems are very good at minimising wheel slippage.

That picture looks very strange, but as with the steep rake and wings that were virtually touching the ground - Newey seems to know what he can get away with. Over the past few years, RBR has had to alter their car many times due to rule clarifications, but these have been small modifications.

This allegation is rather different and potentially more explosive.


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Cerca Trova
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PostSubject: Re: Red Bull using traction control?   Thu Jun 20, 2013 9:38 pm

There is a video too, but a) it's bumps and b) it would be a surprise if everyone wasn't using tc.
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Red Bull using traction control?
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