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 Dupont F1

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PostSubject: Dupont F1   Fri Apr 12, 2013 6:20 pm

Anybody else taken the huge financial plunge of 66p and downloaded the Julia Wurz book?

Got to Chapter 4... what a load of claptrap, but - then again - it was only 66p.

Perhaps it will get more exciting... one example of how bad a writer Alex's wife is comes when she describes this photographer fella who's pretended that he's a test driver so that he can bed some 18 (or possibly younger) French student... he, supposedly, rattles off his sexual innuendos and at one point she says "shut up JP" to which he replied "it's JB... like BJ back to front"... she then comments on how that image disgusts her. And then goes on and on and on about this encounter he's had with this French teenager for pages and pages. Some feminist caricature of the F1 "hangers on", perhaps? But it added nothing to the storyline...

I doubt for a minute that JK Rowling would have resorted to such desperation. She also doesn't seem to have any inkling of making people three-dimensional... she needs to build sympathy for Vincent Dupont... he must, presumably, have become as he is for some reason... perhaps if we had some inkling of that we'd have some belief in the narrative... Elizabeth George (in her series of murder mysteries) is the master of alternating chapters to run the story from multiple peoples' perspectives...

Julia was a PR person at Bennetton... Dupont is clearly based (to some extent) on Flavio.

This book is *all* from the fictional PR lady's perspective, and it starts to get boring. If Julia Wurz wanted to write an autobiography then I'm sure this book would be it, with Flavio and all the others in place... as it is, she appears to be writing what could be an autobiography as a novel... she had such opportunity here, we could have looked at the same incident from many perspectives, but instead we just see it as "Kate" sees it... we gain no sympathy for Vincent because we're not allowed to... novels are three-dimensional, autobiographies are not. This one definitely fits into the latter category. Not even a solitary "Vincent looked across the room to his new employee... she had potential, he thought, but it was early days and it was HIS company. It was not for those in the backroom to tell him who he should and should not employ... he'd give her more time, and then would make a decision."... nothing, to make us aware of how others looked on "Kate", just Kate looking at them.

I'm sure Mrs Wurz will get better as time goes on, but if I were Alex and Julia I wouldn't rush out to print hard copies of this book... because the first 4 chapters seem naive and lacking in writing talent... and, for most people, they'll have given up before chapter five.


Edit: sorry, forgot the link... for those who didn't notice, Autosport were duped into thinking that Dupont F1 was actually a potential entry for the 2014 season and wrote a story about it on, erm, 31st March (forgetting that the "launch date" was 11.30am on 1st April)... http://www.dupontf1.com/
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PostSubject: Re: Dupont F1   Mon Apr 15, 2013 6:02 pm

It would be strange seeing an F1 car in Dopont colours, having seen the 24-Dupont wrapped Chevrolet in NASCAR for so many years. Razz


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Dupont F1
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