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 Why it's time to combine MotoGP and WSBK

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PostSubject: Why it's time to combine MotoGP and WSBK    Thu Jun 16, 2011 12:21 am

Quote :
As more race calendars collide, as they did last weekend, Toby Moody asks whether it's time to consider whether motorsport is overloading its fans. And where does motorcycle racing fall within all this? Is it finally time to combine the sport's two world championships?
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Last weekend was a bumper weekend of motorsport. MotoGP at Silverstone, Formula 1 at Montreal, World Superbikes at Misano and Le Mans 24 Hours meant fans didnít get off the sofa for both days. Petrol heaven for some but overkill for others, and that includes motorcycling as a whole.

Itís pretty obvious that I love motorsport, but if I was at home last weekend I wouldnít have watched all of it because I do actually like to do other things during a weekend at home.

There is much more of a cross over nowadays. A lot of car fans watch the bikes, but very few of those car people would have watched any motorcycle racing at all last weekend because Le Mans was, as predicted, coming right down to the wire. Monumental accidents coupled with the whole 'Germans against the French' plot kept everyone whom I spoke to riveted to the coverage.

With just an hour remaining at Le Mans, the leading Audi was 81 seconds in front, but that cascaded down to just 13.8s at the flag. That last hour also occupied the same time slot as the British Moto GP at Silverstone. Surely it reduced the viewing audience from the BBC coverage and certainly away from the all important for Dorna German TV market....... http://plus.autosport.com/free/feature/3603/why-it-time-to-combine-motogp-and-wsbk/

What does everyone think? would it be a good idea? there was alot of motorsport on that weekend! add nascar and indycar to that list
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PostSubject: Re: Why it's time to combine MotoGP and WSBK    Thu Jun 16, 2011 3:47 am

There is certainly place for 2 different motorcycles series. Not including World endurance of course.

The problem with wsbk and motogp is there basically the same thing.

Another problem is the superbike market is dying on it's arse right now. However I do believe there is a place for something more like sports bike racing. What that entails I don't know...
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Why it's time to combine MotoGP and WSBK
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