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 Playing GT5 Prologue again...

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PostSubject: Playing GT5 Prologue again...   Wed Dec 30, 2009 4:03 am

I decided to play Gran Turismo 5 prologue again on my PS3, and tried out the 'professional mode', which apparently, is for more experienced drivers.

In this mode, the cars feel so much different to the standard mode. I drove a Ferrari F430 around Suzuka, and the car felt so much more alive and realistic, I had to be very patient with the throttle, too much would put you into the wall. To prevent wheel spin in the slow corners, you really have to be very gentle in the way to accelerate in order not to loose too much time. Braking is also very different, in professional mode, you have to brake earlier in order to get the best possible exit of the corner. In the standard mode, I just braked before the corner, turned in, and exited the corner with barley any oversteer.

In professional mode, GT5 Prologue is like a different game - and in a very positive way. I'd say it feels as real as Forza 2 (the only Forza game I've played).


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Playing GT5 Prologue again...
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