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 An interest question about LMS...

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Petronas Syntium
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PostSubject: An interest question about LMS...   Fri Sep 04, 2009 2:49 am

In this weeks Autocar magazine, a reader asked a question that caught my eye - page 83:

Quote :
Watching the Le Mans Series on Eurosport, you could count the number of people in the granstands. What should be done to fill the seats?

Gordan Lundie.

Answer, from Colin Goodwin - a motoring journalist:

Quote :
The big-name motorsport heros aren't there, thats the problem. We need F1 drivers in saloon cars and sports cars when they're at the height of their powers. Who wouldn't pay 20 or 40 to watch Button or Hamilton slug it out in saloons or 911's?

It is an interest topic of conversation, you can read the question in this weeks Autocar magazine on page 83. I have to say, perhaps this is the only way to increase spectator numbers. Otherwise apart from hardcore fans, the rest of the public does not care about LMS.

This was more of an LMS question, but why don't Mercedes-Benz stick Hamilton in one of their DTM cars for Brands Hatch? It would instantly increase spectator numbers. I think people are more concerned about the fame of somebody than the actual sport itself, but if thats the only way to increase numbers then so be it. In the olden days, Jim Clark used to do F1, F2 and BTCC at the same time!


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PostSubject: Re: An interest question about LMS...   Fri Sep 04, 2009 3:12 am

I think LMS is for sports car fans. I mean watching the racing for 6hours is really good i mean i could easily do that. Is like when i listen to 17hours of le mans on radio le mans(which was brilliant)

but going on to your point about Fans in the granstands you really need big manufacturers kind of like Audi and aston martin which are in the LMS at the minute but i think its for die hard sports car fans. But its an interesting subject.
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Cerca Trova
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PostSubject: Re: An interest question about LMS...   Fri Sep 04, 2009 8:29 pm

the problem with getting top f1 srivers into anything else is f1 itself. there not allowed to.

in the olden days there would be loads of drivers doing both.

At one stage jackie stewart was racing in f1, flying to north american to race in can-am (at the time were faster than f1) and doing some sportscar races.

they all did.

However this isn't going to happen, no one is going to let Hamilton race in dtm this weekend or LMS for that matter.

Nobody knows what LMS is except us (the motorsport fans). Apart from Radio Le Mans there is no advertising for the LMS at all. The people will come they used to, but with sportscars that audience will take a decade of going to the same track at the same time of year.

There are a few other things the organisers can do, following an LMS race is hard.

Unless you know exatly whats what your going to be bored in an hour. Some way of displaying the battles on track is essential. THe coloured lights are good but more is needed (and showing it on the bbc would help!) lol!
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PostSubject: Re: An interest question about LMS...   

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An interest question about LMS...
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